“You’ve been very caring, professional, and curious. I always felt the touch of humanity –that made the process of therapy easier. I always like your resourcefulness, special expertise, thinking outside of the box.”

L.M., New York

“For the past three years Natalia has been instrumental in my continuing emotional well-being. Through her direction and guidance I have been able to work at managing the stress and trauma, associated with 9/11 better. Natalia is understanding and respectful. She instills a sense of trust that helps me to open up and talk.”

V.L.H., New York

“I feel like I can trust you, you see me “naked”. I’ve never told some things to anyone like I told you. Exposure therapy was very helpful to cope with my trauma. I realized that I have to accept things now and move on. The best thing I got out of therapy was that I try not to get angry now, and instead try to focus on what I can DO and control.”

N.C., Brooklyn, NY

“I noticed improvement and more connection with my husband in 3-4 sessions with Nataliya already. The sessions gave us many insights about how we used to cause pain and frustration in each other and understanding how to repair it.”

W.T., Bronx, NY

“I am so thankful we are learning how to talk openly with each other about sexual issues that we have in the relationship. Couples therapy helps me understand better the intimate needs of my wife and become a better lover. You really gave us the key to connection.”

S.G., New York, NY

“You are a great therapist and a very caring person. Having you as my therapist really made coping with my trauma a lot easier. I feel blessed having you as a part of my healing process”.

M.P., New Jersey