Individual Therapy

Many people experience therapy as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts without judgment.

It is a powerful setting for disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to share with others. The weaving of the past events, feelings and traumas, with current emotions, patterns, stressors enable us to integrate the past with the present.

I can help you if you are experiencing some the following problems:

  • Feeling sad, depressed, unmotivated
  • Feeling afraid, panicky, stressed
  • Being  in crisis
  • Feeling empty, lonely, abandoned, unable to maintain lasting relations
  • Having anxiety
  • Loss, bereavement
  •  Relationship breakdown
  • Impact of trauma and abuse
  • Male and female sexual dysfunctions

    Couple Therapy

    You can find the Key to Connection with your loved one through Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). When partners in a couple feel misunderstood or alone, when they feel the loss of connection, friendship, intimacy, they start looking for couple counseling.

    Couple therapy can be a practical way to develop a conscious and synergic relationship, where both partners are on the same page, feel connected, passionate, happy and growing individually and together.

    The pain and conflict of the committed relationship arise not out of lack of love for our partners, but from misunderstanding what love relationship is about.

    Using Imago Dialogue restores contact and connection, enabling mutual emotional healing, restarting the developmental engine and leading to the recovery of personal wholeness.

    Sex Therapy

    Are you ready to experience a great sex life? Are you ready to overcome barriers such as ineffective communication, low sexual desire, or sexual dysfunction that prevent intimacy and sexual fulfillment? Why does deep intimacy not guarantee good sex? Do you want to get the most out of life, especially in the area of your sexual needs? As a sex therapist, I treat clients of all sexual orientations with sexual health and relationship concerns. Sexual issues do not typically resolve themselves through working purely on relationship issues. Sex therapy involves specific behavioral techniques (also referred to as: “sexercises”) that the therapist will assign the couple or individual to try between sessions. There is never any touching between patients and therapists.

    Some issues that sex therapy can help you work through:

    • Sexual trauma
    • Communicating with your partner about sex
    • Conflicting levels of desire in a couple
    • Problems resulting from long periods of inactivity
    • Problems resulting from infidelity
    • Sexual dysfunction in males and females
    • Gender identity disorders
    • Unwanted sexual fetishes
    • Low libido
    • Performance anxiety

    Often sexual problems are the result of both physical obstacles and emotional issues. Before committing to sex therapy to uncover the causes and stresses connected to sexual dysfunction, you may want to rule out any physical conditions that can be treated with relative ease and in a short time period. Solutions to physical causes of sexual dysfunction may be prescribed quickly and results are often apparent in a matter of months. Seeing a couples or individual sex counselor can prove to be uniquely helpful during this time.

    A sex therapist can be a psychiatrist, psychologist or clinical social worker who has received postgraduate training in sexology and is board certified in this discipline.

    I assist both individuals and couples with learning more about their levels of desire by identifying what stops them form having the sex they want. I also facilitate better sexual communication between couples through the employment of proven techniques.

    Group Therapy

    Even at the earliest stages of the development of human society, people gathered in groups to secure their own survival and development. We don’t exist in the vacuum. When a person works or plays, tries to be intimate, he or she experiences the need to connect with others, to share the experience with someone.

    Group therapy can develop better skills for empathy, closeness, being warmer and accepting not only in the group setting, but with the world in general as well.

    I offer:

    1) Wellness short-term group therapy, which is 8-10 weeks long, where group members will :

    • receive psycho education about physical and emotional benefits of relaxation
    • learn better anger management skills
    • develop better ways of stress management
    • master assertiveness skills
    • get info about healthy eating and effective physical exercises
    • will practice visualization, deep breathing, and deep muscle relaxation exercises
    • feel more supported and connected

    2) Imago Relationship Group Therapy where you will:

    • Learn ways of more effective communication in your relationships
    • Explore your relationship history
    • Learn about Imago and choices that you make in life with your partners
    • Find out more about your character adaptations and defenses
    • Uncover the Denied and Disowned Self
    • Create a Toolbox for better and healthier relationships
    • Become a better partner